Home renovations are huge tasks. There are a lot of steps that go into the renovations and the amount of stress can be intense. After the renovations are done, many times there are large amounts of trash and debris to deal with. Dust is the biggest problem that you have to deal with after completing a home renovation. Dust can come from having items sit around for a long time, or from the sanding and cutting that needed to be done.

No matter how the dust got there, it is important to think about using green cleaning products when you are cleaning up a home renovation project. Normal cleaning products can be damaging and dangerous to your health. Using the right green cleaning products, and in the correct way means that you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing. Here are some tips to help you clean up after your home renovations.

Scrape the Trouble Areas

The biggest reason that dust and debris come back is that the area was not cleaned properly in the first place. Take a scraper or a blade, and cut off any extra trimming or paint that may have ended up on the floor. Trimming is hard to do once the project is done, so do it while you are working. By having all the surfaces smoothed out and no odd edges, you will have a better time cleaning.

Wipe Down the Walls

Vacuuming does not get rid of all the dust that is in a room. When you are cleaning up after home renovations, you should wipe down the walls first. When you are wiping down the walls, you should use green cleaning products. The reason for this is that chemical cleaning products can damage the walls, and are harmful to your lungs.


After the dust has time to settle on the walls, you will need to vacuum the floors. A good vacuum is able to remove most of the dust that is on the carpeting, or flooring. Some vacuums will kick up the dust, so stay clear of the bigger pieces. The vacuum hose will be able to pick up the larger pieces, and be able clean the walls and ceilings that have dust still on them.


To see if you have gotten all the dust, you will need to wait a few hours. The best option is to wait overnight, so the dust has time to settle. If you still have dust, repeat the steps until you stop seeing the dust form. If you do this extra work, you won’t be likely to find dust for weeks after your home renovations.